The editorial board of the Philosophical and Social Yearbook Civitas Hominibus is pleased to invite you to take part in the preparation of the 14th issue of the magazine, entitled “Time of Interregnum”1 . The concept of interregnum means an intermediate state, a breakthrough a time when the old order collapses and new possibilities will arise, and a phase between systems, a functioning institutional order, creating a political and economic framework for human culture, and a new order. A state in which old strategies have ceased to work and new ones are only at the design stage. 

In describing our times today as this, we mean the period stretching between a social system that has come to an end and another which we expect will replace the former. Old fragments of the social structure are dying and their fragments are arranged into new, emergent, yet unadjusted arrangements. The idea of an interregnum without a monarchic sense, rejects the vision of the future determined from above and leaves it undefined to the mercy of human choices.

We invite you to submit articles dealing with the issue of interregnum in political, social, economic, cultural, technological or ecological aspects.

Text written in English in 12-point font with line spacing of 1,5 should not exceed 15 pages, includes a bibliography, summary and footnotes.
Please send articles to the address until October 15, 2019.

 1 Z. Bauman, Times of Interregnum, „Ethics&Global Politics” 2012, 5(1): 49-56.