The editorial board of the Philosophical and Social Yearbook Civitas Hominibus is pleased to invite you to submit articles to the 18th issue of Civitas Hominibus entitled "Demos in Contemporary Democracies".

We are currently witnessing a process of expanding the public sphere and shifting diverse, hitherto marginalised actors from the periphery to the centres.  This phenomenon involves both human and non-human beings regaining and gaining a voice. This voice is the voice of the contemporary demos.

A way of thinking that rejects the position of humans as privileged beings in relation to the rest of the world refers to a balanced coexistence of human and non-human life in the form of, for example, animals gaining personal and legal status, rivers and other elements of nature, and machines or algorithms. It involves a number of social and political transformations that seem worthy of study. We are particularly interested in how the demos is shaped in the structure of the posthumanist pluriversum, issues of pluralist community, as well as new formulations of human relations, attitudes towards the world and self-concepts.

Text written in English in 12-point font with line spacing of 1,5 should not exceed 15 pages, includes a title, abstract and keywords in Polish and English, ORCID number, author's statement, e-mail address, bibliography and footnotes. Please send articles to the address until 30 April 2023.