Policy Statement

The Philosophical and Social Yearbook Civitas Hominibus (ISSN 1896-1819, eISSN 2391-5145) has been published by the Faculty of Humanities of the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź since 2006. It is devoted to the issues of citizenship and the functioning of society in various aspects, undertaken within the framework of political sciences, philosophy, anthropology or sociology, but also related sciences. The Yearbook is nationwide in scope and is reviewed.

Civitas Hominibus was also positively evaluated in the IC Journals Master List 2017, which resulted in score given ICV (Index Copernicus Value) 80.00 points.

Each issue of the journal examines a different research area. We publish articles in Polish and English, organized in the following sections:

  • Articles – Discussions – Essays
  • Conferences – Debates – Interviews
  • Events
  • Reviews

We invite you to read the back issues of the journal. Our website contains information on the composition of the Scientific and Editorial boards, review procedure (including the list of reviewers) and ghost-writing prevention procedure. If you wish to publish your article in our journal, please consult the section containing important information for authors.

We would like to inform that the 8/2013 issue and the following issues of the Yearbook have been published in the electronic form on the website of the journal. Originally, however, the journal was distributed in the printed form.