Preventing ghostwriting

In 2011 the editors of Civitas Hominibus, the Philosophical and Social Yearbook implemented a procedure whose aim is to protect the originality of academic publications and counteract such deplorable practices as ghostwriting and guest authorship.            
We wish to highlight the fact that ghostwriting and guest authorship are examples of academic dishonesty. Thus any instances of such practices will be exposed, which includes notifying relevant organizations (the author's employers, academic societies, societies of academic editors, etc.).

The editors will keep record of any instances of dishonesty and cases of violating academic integrity, in particular.

In order to avoid such cases, the contributors are asked to acknowledge the contribution of other authors to their work (the author's affiliation and contribution – in other words, information about the authors of the concepts, assumptions, methods, etc. used in the article). At the same time, we inform that the contributors are fully responsible for the submitted manuscripts.

The authors are asked to submit relevant statements concerning the originality of their work. The statement form is available at the website of the AHE publishing house: